The Spikedrivers

Live Press


"The Spikedrivers are one of Columbus' best bands. Their honky-tonk foot-stompin' good-times music is hard-drivin' for hard drinkin'. Featuring such luminaries as Paul Brown, Megan Palmer, Steve Sweney, Nate Anders, Steven Fox and Jesse Henry, you just can't miss, so don't."

-Eric Leighton, The Athens News. Athens, Ohio. February 1, 2007.

"The band is based around talented singer-songwriter Jesse Henry but this is no one-man show. Fiddler Megan Palmer adds sublime colour to the songs no matter what style the band tackles whilst guitarists Paul Brown and Steve Sweney prove adept in adding southern-fried flavour. Henry, meanwhile, has a strong voice in the 'olde timey' tradition and heís not afraid to push it to extremes." -Nic Fildes, October 9, 2006.

"[Jesse Henry's] singing and song writing ability lead the spirited Spikedrivers in what they do so damn well: put the topical on top of the timeless in an irreverently traditional way. In short, this often-rowdy band isnít designed to contribute to sobriety. Which brings us to the somewhat hidden strengths of the Spikedrivers, namely the instrumental virtuosity of fiddle-lady Megan Palmer, guitarists Steve Sweney and Paul Brown, and the hard plowing rhythm section of bassist Steven Fox and drummer Nate Anders. Live, they're at times a veritable tsunami of string power and down-from-the-holler energies."

-John Petric, The Other Paper. Columbus, Ohio. July 20, 2006.

"Put the hammer down and head... to see The Spikedrivers... play their blistering blend of country rock. [The Spikedrivers are] known for fine guitar pickin' and fast fiddlin'."

-Vicki L. Kroll, Toledo Free Press. Toledo, Ohio. May 17, 2006.

"The Spikedrivers love to act up ó before, during and after any of their foot-stompin', crazified country numbers. But the group's singer-songwriter Jesse Henry, fiendish fiddle player Megan Palmer, guitarists Paul Brown and Steve Sweney, drummer Nate Anders, and ZZ Top-mutton-chops bassist Steven Fox do much more than toss their longhaired, sweaty selves around the stage. Their sound is a reflection of raw musical talent, and it has a distinctive flavor that comes out somewhere between The Wilders and Old Crow Medicine Show. Toss in a few melancholy tunes, the occasional weeping, heaving cello and a general old-timey feel to their jam, and the only conclusion is that the Spikedrivers deliver exactly what they advertise. It's a boom-funk-chunk, everything-in-the-kitchen, leave-behind-your-order-and-listen country kind of music."

-Jesse Nathan, The Pitch. Kansas City, Missouri. April 6, 2006.

"This is prototypical Americana music: a stew of bluegrass, country, folk, and blues, none dominate, all contribute considerably. The same can be said of the band members... There are enough positives to recommend this stew above many groups that are doing similar but not nearly as engaging music." -Jeff Weiss, .

"Lest you think [Jesse Henry] 's just entertainingly throwing himself around the stage because he likes it when his long hair ends up looking like a Meat Loaf cover... the lead Spikedriver is a showman and a solid musician. the Spikedrivers are nothing if not a veteran blend of character and creativity. I personally wonít be satisfied 'til I see the Spikedrivers on Austin City Limits."

-John Petric, The Other Paper. Columbus, Ohio. December 1, 2005.